Best of fail chat from the LFP forum.

[20:22] <sstew54> Donnie will say “We wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for Dan”
[20:22] <AlCampanis> “dan is just working real hard”
[20:23] <WereFvcked> “Dan’s a professional… we will need him in the clubhouse down the stretch….”
[20:23] <WereFvcked> “He’s a veteran… he grinds it out… he’s been there….”
[20:23] <AlCampanis> “you know that veteran presence makes a big difference. hard working, scrappy kind of guy”
[20:24] <sstew54> Dan needs to make a few adjustments, we are confident he can regain his form
[20:25] <WereFvcked> “its good to have the young guys see how Dan prepares… he’s a worker and goes about his business the right way….”
[20:26] <AlCampanis> “always working hard with AJ, always scouting, always in here early”
[20:26] <sstew54> Dan is just going through a rough stretch right now. He’ll be out there every 5th day
[20:27] <WereFvcked> “I actually thought Dan had nice stuff tonight… he was just not missing as many bats as he would like…”
[20:27] <sstew54> He looked sharp in the bullpen tonight. He will turn it around
[20:29] == sddodger [4b50a1ca@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #thelfp
[20:29] <sddodger> can we f’in shoot haren now?
[20:29] <WereFvcked> haha
[20:30] <WereFvcked> you should have seen the last ten lines of the chat
[20:30] <sstew54> ” the bounces just didn’t go Danny’s way tonight”

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