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The date for the 2015 Blogger Charity softball tournament is set. It will be held at Big League Dreams in West Covina on April 11, 2015 and starting time should be about 8AM. A few more teams have been added and are listed in the graphic above. A few more will be added later today. I’m still looking for teams to play in the open class who are not blog affiliated. So if you would like to bring your team. Contact me and I can add you to that list.

Here is what each team will receive.


3 game guarantee



Tournament Director

Single Elimination playoffs for qualifying teams

3 large pizzas and 4 pitchers (per team)

1st Place Trophy

2nd Place plaque

Entrance fees included (for rostered players)

Any questions contact me here.


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Eric has committed. TBLA is In. Infield box is in and will be playing in the open class along with the previous tournament winner the LFP fan forum2 team. Lasorda’s Lair has also expressed interest in playing, so if any of their fans would like to play for them. Please let them know.

The date that I’m looking at is April 11, 2015. As of now I’m waiting on a call back to see if it is available for us. The Dodgers will be out of town that weekend so it won’t interfere with anyone’s game plans.

The registration page should be back up later today along with the rules and information page. So hang in there till it is finished. I’m still trying to get used to this new world press theme. If we can get a total number of twenty four teams we can book the entire park. We are 2/3 of the way there. So I will be putting together a flyer for anyone who would like to post them at their league games. I’m hoping to at least get twelve teams for the open class. So far there are three. Just email me and I will send it to you.

I have also created a site to pay for your registration. In the past we have used WePay but since they changed their format and made it non user friendly. I have found a site that is easy to use and will be adding it to this site as soon as I get a final date. Just like last time. Print out your ticket and bring it with you and you’re in. So tell your friends and lets make this the best tornament we’ve ever had.


contact me at

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Teams so far


So far the following sites have agreed to field a team or two. I’m still waiting on a reply from TBLA, so that is why the question mark is over their logo.

Roberto from VSIMHB said he couldn’t play but I know he fielded two teams in each of the previous tournament. So I will be contacting those players to see if they would like to represent him in this one. Some of the blogs from the previous tournaments are no longer around or have merged with others. The players from Dodger Thoughts are welcome to play under that name or under Elysian fields, the blog where many of his former readers went.

I hope to hear back from a few other sites today and it looks like it will be a pretty big field once again as some of the blogs listed will be bringing multiple teams. For those wishing to enter a team with no blog affiliation. I’m looking for teams for that class. Those teams will only play against other teams and not against the blogs. I’m just trying to keep things fair and not have any issues this time around.

Any questions please feel free to contact me at

Thank you.

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Charity softball tourn.


If you played in any of the previous two softball tournaments you already know how much fun they are. So lets do it again. This tournament is open to all Dodger blogs, their readers and Dodgers fans everywhere. If you have a blog and want to enter, or if you just want to play alongside fellow Dodger fans contact me at the email address listed below.

This tournament will be divided into two classes. Dodger blogs only and an open bracket for teams that want to play and do not have a blog. I’m doing this for fairness to the actual blog teams. The LFP forum 2 team who has won both the previous tournaments will be playing in the open bracket since they are pretty damn good for a collection of random players thrown together. I hope that will satisfy some of the teams from the past tournaments. Remember this is supposed to be about having fun. So please don’t try and sneak a traveling tournament team into the blog bracket as you will have your own this time.

I’m working on a date now but need to know the amount of teams who want to play so I can make arrangements with the park. I was looking at a time in March or April to do this.  So if you would like to play in this. Please contact me at the following email.



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For my friend


A few years ago I won the original slide from Topps for Jim Brewers 1973 card off ebay. So today I decided to play with it a little and make a nice graphic for Jim’s son and my friend Scott Brewer. hope you enjoy it. Jim was a great pitcher for many years with the Dodgers.

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