Suspects sketches released

I added some color and hats. The police report said they had Dodger gear on so I thought maybe someone would recognize them if they had hats on.

If you see these two assholes. Please contact the LAPD.

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  1. Hope these assholes are found and brought to justice (‘pound me in the ass’ wings of state prison).

    People need to stop acting like being a Dodger fan or any team, means being a gangmember. This has to stop and now it’s even the ghetto ass girls at the games getting aggressive. You wouldn’t behave like this is Vin Scully was in you living room so why act like a dumbass at the stadium?

  2. how do you know what skin tone they were? they were wearing dodger gear but I’m assuming they weren’t wearing hats since the original drawings showed that one guy was bald and the other guy had short hair.
    and @burner0- have you ever been anywhere in L.A.? do you think that cholos only live in East Los? or are you just really fucking stupid?

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