I’m calling bullshit!

So this guy wants to buy the Dodgers? He claims he has the money / resources and is ready to bid but being the skeptical person I am. I decided to take a look at him and his company. I have not found any projects that are associated with Armital LLC here or abroad.  I did find a site that his company is registered . Nevada Sec of State.   and it looks like nothing but a shill corp. So Joshua. If you want to put Dodgers fans minds to rest. Let’s see you make a nice $5,ooo donation to the LA food bank. That is chump change to someone that is supposed to have the resources to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers.  If any other perspective bidder wants to make a donation. Feel free to do so at this link.  We Pay donation page.  Till then. ESPN KCAL and KTLA should all stop promoting this person and demand to see his books or list of investors. Dodger fans do not need someone trying to make a name for himself getting their hopes up. We’ve had enough of swindlers that claim they only want the team to succeed.

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