They were not the 27 Yankees

First I want to thank all the teams, players and fans who came out to Big League Dreams on Saturday. With your help we collected a lot of food for the LA regional food bank to help many people in need.  Second. Yes there will be another tournament later this year. When I’m not sure. I talked to the park today and he’s going to look into possible dates for later this year. By the comments on the other blogs and the feedback I got at the park it seems like everyone had a good time and you guys don’t want to wait another year.  It was great meeting everyone from all the other sites in person and I hope you all come back for the next one.

It seems that the team pictured above has been compared to the 27 Yankees as they played throughout the day. This team was thrown together in the last week or so before the event. When one team dropped out at the last moment. I put out a call for players on this site, my forum and on facebook. It was assembled with players from LFP forum 1 team, Facebook and anyone that wanted to play. There were NO RINGERS. I was still adding players to this team as late as Friday night and wasn’t even sure if everyone that signed up was coming. I tried  my best to keep out any organized teams but it seems that one slipped in. I tried to give that team the benefit of a doubt and hoped it wasn’t. I was wrong. There will be some changes made for the next tournament so it won’t happen again. I promise. The goal of this from day one was to be nothing more than a day of fun and not win at all cost.

I also want to thank Ray Solorio for taking the donated food to the food bank for me. I called the food bank to make sure everything was set up for pick up on Friday and they told me they would not be able to collect it till Monday or Tuesday. I was planning to rent a truck to haul it down when Ray offered to take it for me in his truck. Then with the help of his family, Ray sorted all the food and put the cans and other goods into boxes so it would not get damage during transit. I offered to pay Ray for his time and gas but he refused. He told me about the work he does helping inner city families through the Angelus Temple. So I will be making a donation to his church for helping us out.  Thanks again Ray. You truly were heaven sent.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and we’ll do it again later this year.


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