Things you find at a card show.

While attending a card show in Philly this morning. I came across this little find in a stack of press photos laid out on a table. The Dodgers jacket caught my eye and I pulled it out of the pile and flipped it over to discover it was taken by Jon SooHoo. I kid Jon all the time about stealing his photos for the blog and thought here is my chance to actually pay for one. So I coughed up the $3 and paid the vendor. He looked at the photo and then at me and asked. “Are you a motorcycle guy?” I said yes and by looking at the photo I could tell it was taken in the late 80’s or early 90’s by the Dunlop tires on the bike. It may not be Jon’s most famous shot but I’ll add it to my collection so I can say I have a SooHoo original.

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