From the LFP game chat

[22:36] <OilBurner> Grandal up….where’s the ball going to land?
[22:36] <WereFvcked> The Unocal station
[22:36] <OilBurner> it’s leaving the field, but where?
[22:36] <bbFVCKTHISTEAM> Ink Blue sign
[22:36] <OilBurner> there you go
[22:36] <snowconed> think blue sign grave
[22:36] <snowconed> Hollywood
[22:36] <bbFVCKTHISTEAM> police academy
[22:36] <WereFvcked> elysian park
[22:37] <OilBurner> thank Beard
[22:37] <bbFVCKTHISTEAM> I-5
[22:37] <WereFvcked> glendale
[22:37] <snowconed> united
[22:37] <OilBurner> maybe the tiger cage at the zoo?
[22:37] <WereFvcked> Phillipe’s
[22:37] <snowconed> the greek
[22:37] <WereFvcked> the LA River
[22:38] <WereFvcked> no canoes in that fucking cesspool!
[22:38] <bbFVCKTHISTEAM> The Gap
[22:38] <snowconed> Santa Barbara
[22:38] <WereFvcked> VEGAS
[22:38] <OilBurner> HAH
[22:38] <OilBurner> actually
[22:38] <wpol> the beach by granada hills
[22:38] <OilBurner> HAHA

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