LFP rosters

Sorry for not being able to post for a few days, I just got internet access tonight. Below are the rosters for the three LFP teams. I’ll see you guys in the AM.  I will be there at 7:30 to check the players in. See you there.


LFP Team 1

Mike B.

Robert L.

Ed T.

Mike G.

Lauro D.

Brady H.

Jeff B.

Pat S.

Linda H.

Lori K.

Kathy T.

Dan G.

Marcello T.

Welly Lu

Kevin B.

Jon SH.


LFP Team 2

Lucy U

Phillip S

Pam B.

Chris C.

Ryan S.

Mike Guerrero

Brandon L.

Justin P.

Kevin T.

Travis S.

Cassie S.

Doleres D.

Austin P.

Jill P.

Jeremy D.


LFP Team 3

Rolondo A.

Marilyn T

Vanessa A.

Will H.

Ralph J.


Nidia R.

Rita D.

Ceaser G.

John R.

Matt B.

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