Can’t forget Zack


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They deserve it



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The LA Dodgers in Brooklyn


Here is a photo of Jim Gilliam wearing the soon to be LA Dodgers hat in Ebbets field.

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Goodbye Zim


The Dodgers lost again 2-1, but baseball lost something more. Goodbye Don.

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Enough all ready


I can’t believe what I have been reading by the so called press and journalists on the dire need to move Matt Kemp. Yes Matt has been hurt the last two seasons. Yes his numbers are not back to what they were when he lost the MVP to Ryan Bruan. For the press and the team to blame it all on Matt is ridiculous. Yes Matt has to share in some of the blame. Most notably the ankle injury. But you really need to take a look at the way every injury he had has been handled. They continued to run him out there after he tore up his shoulder. Knowing full well he was not 100%. That only ended up causing more damage to his already damaged shoulder and resulted in surgery. After each injury they continued to rush him back as soon as possible. He never acquired much playing time in between those injuries to get back his timing at the plate or in the field. For that the blame rests squarely on the Dodgers training and medical staff run by Stan Conte.  At the end of last season they made Sue Falsone fall on her sword while Conte gets a free pass. This is the same man who gave the OK to sign Jason Schmidt. Why is he even still in this organization. Not once has this man taken any criticism for his work in handling this teams medical conditions.

The team had the luxury of having five outfielders for three spots to start the season. The whole time he should have been down in AAA getting his timing back so he would be ready to play when called back up. There was no rush yet he made a quick stop in NM and he was back. He was not ready after that short amount of time to be back. The team knows it and yet they still shoved him out there. I don’t care if you are a Butcher, Baker, Candlestick maker,Doctor, Lawyer or an Indian chief. When ever you take off from your job for an injury or for an extended period of time. You will have an adjustment period till you are back to 100% capable of doing that job. Let the man play and work through this. I didn’t hear shit about any of the other OF’rs being shopped when they were all hitting less than .200 for almost a month. Matt will rebound in time. But don’t you dare lay 100% of the blame for his performance on him. Especially since this is the same team that kept Euginio Velez on the roster for an entire year without getting a single hit.

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Dodgers take a shit vs Pitt


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Deeja Vu

laredsDee gets left at third two times tonight as the Dodgers let one get away through Drew Butera’s legs.

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Lost Bison


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nohCongratulations Josh and welcome to the club

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Reign delay


Dodgers pick up first win in Philly behind Kershaw after 43 min rain delay. Please win on Sunday when I come. There is not another ball park I hate to walk out of after losing more than CBP.

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