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Most players in the Hall have had one defining moment their career. Like Fisk in the 75 WS or Hank Aaron running the bases after hitting 715.  A moment so great, that when you say their name the image of that moment comes into your head. By putting Roberto Alomar into the HOF. That image for me will be him spitting on an umpire. I’m pretty sue Gil Hodges never spit on an umpire. Maybe if he did, he would have made the Hall. Then again Gil had something most HOF members and writers lack.  Class.

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  1. Derek on January 5, 2011 at 10:53 PM

    Ty Cobb also once beat a paraplegic heckler to within inches of his life. Alomar was still a great player (one of the 5 best 2nd basement ever) and deserved to make the HoF. You’re right about Hodges though. I have no doubt if he played for the Yankees he would have been in years ago.

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