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What a joy it was to hear Dodgers fans chanting in numbers again. For those of you that attended the game last night. I want to say thank you. I heard you. The Angels fans heard you. MLB heard you. But most importantly. Frank and the Dodgers heard you. Who knows what thoughts went through McCourts tiny brain last night while you were rooting for your team not in Dodger stadium. Other than thinking of how much money he is losing. The TV cameras showed the players in the dugout while you were yelling LETS GO DODGERS! and you could see it light up their faces. Maybe now the press will realize we never gave up on the team. Just the owner.

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  1. BlueLove! on July 2, 2011 at 2:34 PM

    I was at work last night during the game, during what inning did the fans start chanting “Let’s go Dodgers”?

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