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Let’s go back to to when Frank was broke and Jamie was a brunette.

They both suffered from really bad hair as you can see in this photo of Frank trying to steal Jamie’s bike. That could be why they both needed a high dollar hair stylist on demand 24/7.

Jamie’s father Jack Luskin owned a chain of TV and appliance stores in the Baltimore DC area. He billed himself as “The Craziest Man in town”  He appears in the video below around the 4.10 mark


I found the comments on the I worked at Luskin’s Face Book page to be quite amusing

With a $130 million settlement I’m pretty sure she won’t be going back to her daddy’s store to work.  Now on to Frank

Not much is written about Frank’s early years but I came across this story he told to a Times reporter in 2006.

“So I was a construction foreman on one of my dad’s projects when I was 18 and I’d come home filthy every night just looking for my dad to tell me I was doing a great job, and everyone had to wait for me to wash up because I was late for dinner and one night I sat down at the table and he was looking at me and I knew this was it and he was gonna tell me and we said grace and then he looks at me and says, ‘You should be ashamed of yourself,’ and I was crushed because I thought he’d say how proud he was I was working so hard but all he said was, ‘You don’t get it, you’re a foreman and you should go to the job in a white shirt and come home clean and not keep everyone waiting for dinner because you grabbed a shovel and jumped in a hole with laborers to show them how to dig dirt and while you’re in the hole you can’t see what’s going on on the site,’ and I was stunned while it began to sink in that it was important for me to get out of the hole to see the whole picture, which wasn’t really his only point because he said, ‘If they can’t do the job, get rid of ’em!'”  

That explains why Frank has a passion for firing people. He was taught not to lead by example and get his hands dirty. I know of no self made man that has ever succeed in business that way.  If you take the time to read the whole piece. It really sheds some light on their thought process.

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